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What is Receepz?

More and more retailers are moving to e-receipts, but many people do not want to give out their personal email addresses in public.

Receepz solves this dilemma. Give the retailer a Receepz email address instead, and we'll automatically forward receipts from them direct to your personal inbox.

Receepz is free to use, so to get started, sign in above using the email address you want your e-receipts sent to.

Special launch offer!

The first 100 people to register on Receepz will get a free short username.

Create an email address that's easy to remember when you're struggling with screaming kids or a tonne of shopping. These will be £10 each, once the launch offer ends.

Receepz respects your privacy

Receepz offers the following features:

  • Put a layer of protection between you and hackers - if you hear of a data breach, just change your Receepz email address. What's more, they won't have your personal email address.